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I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Citrus Cleaners - so easy and good

I recycle the peelings of Oranges and Lemons...although I usually run out of lemon cleaner, as I don't eat lemons, like I do with oranges....

Citrus Cleaner is Oh so easy to make....Citrus Cleaners are so expensive in the shops, and if you use citrus, you just keep adding to the jar, as you eat an orange, or use a lemon.

All you need is vinegar and the citrus peel...

Here is my Orange Cleaner that I use in the kitchen.....it is excellent for wiping down the stove and bench-tops.


I think there is the rind of at least 1 dozen oranges in this bottle.
I dilute the citrus solution to 50%.

Here are the lemons I needed to juice today for the Quince & Apple Jam....before juicing them, I peeled them with a vegetable peeler, to make my Lemon Citrus Cleaner....using a peeler leaves behind the unwanted pith.
No waste, the rind was used for Citrus cleaner,
and the juice was extracted for the jam
and the empty shells will go in the compost.


3/4 fill a wide brimmed glass jar with white vinegar....
then start adding your lemon peel, just like the orange cleaner above.....
I use this lemon cleaner for the bathroom vanity, 
but I ran out a few months ago...and have just been using the orange one.
You can see how the lemon oils are already starting
 to be extracted; by the lemon tint to the vinegar......

Leave for 2 or 3 weeks to mature before using.

Now how easy is that!...


  1. Now that's a nice looking recipe Narelle, I will try that, thanks.

    I haven't tried the new Kenny St shop I must have a look.

  2. this is fantastic! I have wondering what to do with my citrus peels as the chooks don't like them and the worms cant have them and who doesn't natural cleaners!! Love it!

  3. Rose, when I was there, I got huge granny smith apples...for .99c/kg....I can just put both hands around them and touch fingertips.....I am still deciding what to do with them, but am gathering together my preserving jars while I decide.....
    Becc, I love being able to use everything...even once there are no more oils left in the rind..they will then be added to the compost...I love my free soil.

    An update: I dilute the mix with 1 part vinegar and 1 part citrus vinegar. (not mentioned above)

  4. Thank you so much for this - just as my lemons are ripening on the tree! When you say you diluted the oranges 50%, did you add another 50% of white vinegar? Valerie

  5. I love saying Hi to new visitors...Welcome to my blog Valerie, Yes; your'e correct...I dilute with vinegar, so 50% plain vinegar & 50% citrus vinegar.

  6. Oh another good recipe for me to use. Thank you for this one. Sounds delightful and I cant wait to try it...


  7. This is brilliant! I have been looking for a gentle all purpose cleaner for the house. My son suffers with allergies, as do I and since going back to good old elbow grease and the odd spray of glen 20 we have almost reduced our out breaks to nil.. BUT sometimes I would love to have a helping hand around the house.. I am anxious to try this out. Our Lemon tree is yet to fruit but my grandmothers trees are dropping by the dozen. I best get my bucket and gloves on and go lemon hunting!! Thanks :)

  8. Oh I have just discovered your blog - great! I am going to try this recipe as I have often thought there must be a way to make your own orange cleaner. I love the smell! Cant you mix orange and lemon peels together and have a citrus cleaner?

  9. Tania, Kellz4 and africanaussie.....
    I'm so sorry for not replying sooner....I thought I had already come back to this .....better late than never though....
    I can't believe how popular this post is becoming...they are even talking about it over at Aussies living simply..
    Way Cool!

  10. Hi nellymary, I've just found your blog through aussieslivingsimply, we live a little further down the south coast so it's great to find a "local" blog and will be visiting more often. Great recipe!


  11. Hi Mistyhollows...Welcome! thanks for coming over and having a look at my blog...it seems this citrus cleaner is proving very popular...
    How local am I? ...hours drive? If your not too far away, maybe I could meet with you one day...

  12. Oh Mistyhollows: I thought I would let you know..I just signed up to Aussies Living Simply...

  13. Hi nellymary.A great big warm welcome to ALS!Are you nellymary on there too? Which is where I learnt about your blog.We'll be keeping an eye out for your posts, there or on here.My friend was going on about her citrus cleaner the other day but I got distracted and forgot to ask how she makes it.Thanks

  14. Thank-you BlueWren, I am one and the same nellymary on ALS too...shortly you will be making your own citrus cleaner..listen to your friend, she is a wise one.

    Ladies: if you take a photo of your own jar of citrus cleaner, and email it to me, you too can have your photo published on my blog..along with all the others...check it out here:
    http://justlikemynanmade.blogspot.com/2011/06/citrus-cleaner-goes-crazy.html I wonder how many people will join us.

  15. This is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing :) I shared your "recipe" for this cleaner on my facebook page.

  16. Hi Nicole....thanks for sharing the recipe on your Facebook page...the more the merrier I say!.

    I love your Roasted Beetroot soup recipe..looks divine.

  17. I am going to start making this as well. I've attached this link to my blog and added your link to the recipe on my facebook page, too.

    I can't wait to get started; thanks for sharing your recipe.

  18. Hi Nellymary,
    I've seen loads of bloggers/ DTEers talking about & trying this, and am right now eating mandarins, so thought it the perfect time to make some. A question, and it probably doesn't matter either way, but when you are 'maturing' the mix, do you put a lid on it?

  19. Sorry for the late reply ladies....
    BarefootBride: Yes, the more people that know about this, the better. Thanks for the link.

    Dixiebelle: Yes, it is becoming more popular every day.....I do put a lid on it when it is maturing, as I don't want to attract the vinegar flies.

  20. I love this! I will start my jar today. I have some lemons I was going to use for lemonade.

  21. love your site, I made this cleaner years ago and really loved it. You have a great simple recipe so I going to try a batch today :)

  22. Wow! So Cool! I love this!
    I live in Northern Vermont in the United States.
    We try and live what we call a "localvore" life here....meaning we try and eat as much as possible "farm to table" all the local restaraunts are committed to buying their meats, poultry and veggies in this manner!
    I love you Aussies! you take it to the next level! I was so delighted to find your blog and other blogs from Aussies! It reminds me of how my grandmother did things! SOOOOOOOO much nicer! Thank you Thank You form Vermont USA

  23. g'day
    love your recipe here, does it matter what type of oranges or citrus you use in these recipes? can you use other plants like herbs for instance? i've been seeing valencia oranges in the shops lately are they good to use, they don't seem as strong as the navels. love the fact that this recipe is so simple to make

    thanx :))
    selina from kilkivan qld

  24. Hi Selina: it doesn't matter what type of citrus you use, although mandarin will turn your vinegar to a gel like thickness, and much darker in colour......for some reason it doesn't keep like other citrus either.... I add all my citrus peels to the one jar now except for mandarin peels which go in the compost.

  25. g'day
    awesome thanx for that tip

    sorry haven't been here but have been reading & posting in the DoE forum lately

    selina from kilkivan qld

  26. Hi nellymary I came across your Blog when I was Looking for a decent Beetroot Pickeling Recipe... Have Also started some of the Cleaner..Fantastic Site you have me hooked Lol..even though I havent got My own Blog site ..Keep up the good work Guys ......Maxine from West Australia :)

  27. Ok, so I'm new to this and love the idea but confused. You use 3/4 vinegar with peels and let "steep" for a few weeks, then pour into a bottle half way and top off with just vinegar or water...thanks for the help

  28. Fantastic blog you got here,I enjoyed reading some of your posts.

  29. These Green cleaning products are easily available in home and safe to use. When its about cleaning tough rust and stains I also believe in using lemon, vinegar and baking soda rather harmful chemicals based products. Nice post indeed.

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