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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday "D"

Has it been 20 years since you came into our lives? Happy birthday son....I'm so proud of you, of the man you have grown into....and I know that you know this, because I tell you constantly. 

Nana Cady even made the 8 hour train trip to see you
when you came into the world.

We've had a lot of hurdles, you and me...you've certainly given us a few big scares....like when you stopped breathing at two weeks old and I had to give you full CPR to get you breathing again. You then slept on a sleep monitor until you were old enough to crawl off it. Those days were tough...but we pulled through.

You spent a lot of time with Nana Clarke...


Dad, you and I were living in a small flat after you were born, and we didn't have a bath....but we made do with the laundry sink....you didn't mind...as long as you had your toys....
We didn't have a huge back yard, but we loved spending time out the back of our little unit....you were such a cheeky little guy.....and that smile....you've still got it!

I love this photo of you and your father....it reminds me of the lovely day we drove to Beechworth to play tourist....we had a counter lunch at the local pub....and you ran around on the grass.  
You threw your first snow ball at Dad....
at Mt Buffalo in Victoria...........then you threw them at Nana Clarke....the day was filled with lots of laughs and lots of cold hands.

Your first day of school was very exciting, but as we didn't have a camera back then....Anne from next door took a photo for us....you looked so grown up in your new uniform.........
You loved feeding animals....especially the baby ones....You still have a love for animals....

Time went on...and you soon graduated from Primary School...finishing year 6. You were so grown up...but soon you would move on to High School...with many more milestones to follow.
While at High School you also joined the Australian AirForce Cadets...I've mentioned before how proud we all are of you for your achievements while in cadets...and here are a few of my favourite photos from back then..........

Before graduating year 10 at High School you developed a bone disease called Osteo Chondritic Disease, where bone dies at the joints...and you had several pieces of dead bone removed from your elbow. This was to be a genetic disease that your younger brother would also suffer when he reached the same age.

Then there was the scare from your skateboarding accident....

You loved skateboarding, but didn't always wear a helmet...until your accident, where you fell off, fractured your skull on one side..and bruised your brain on both sides from the impact inside your skull.....You also tore the ligament off your collar bone...
You gave us a huge scare...I remember wishing it was all a horrible nightmare that I would wake from...

My mind returns to a vision of you lying on the road with your blood running in the gutter...although you can't recall; you were yelling to me looking into the distance...."Tell my Mum I love her,....I love you Mum'......You didn't know I was there at the time...as your brain had shut down the parts that weren't needed...It took a long time for you to accept that you would never be able to recall the accident, but I explained to you, that it was for the best...your brain new what it needed to do......

When you were air-lifted to a major Sydney hospital, letting you go in the helicopter without me was probably the toughest thing I have had to do...At the time I had no idea how I was going to get to you before you had brain surgery....but a dear friend helped me and I caught up to you a few hours later......
I can't imagine the pain your father went through when I had to leave him behind to head to Sydney..but I remember the sadness and fear in his eyes........When I finally reached you a few hours later.....I learn't that you had improved enough to not need the surgery. I was so relieved, I fell to the floor in tears.

When your memory improved you were able to come home a week later...we moved you into the back loungeroom which we were renovating...a nice big empty room would cope with lots of friends visiting. It took probably a good 12 months for you to get your energy back and you had to re-learn your maths from the start, not knowing 2 times 6 was a nightmare for you....but you were determined to get through it all.....

In your suit, you went on to graduate in year 10....celebrating at your Year 10 Graduation dinner.

While completing your last two years of High School, you got your licence...and found a job delivering Pizza's at night.....Remember how proud you were when you saved enough money to pay cash for your first car? Another proud moment.

I was so disappointed for you though, when you were involved in a car accident
writing your car off. This was indeed a painful time for you, but we were just grateful that no-one was hurt...especially you.

Dad loves teaching you and your brother the welding skills you have...This is one of many great memories for your father. Sharing his skills with his boys is what life is all about.

Having lots of friends by the time you were 18...we decided to celebrate at your place of work.....Having enough cake to share around the staff was great.....but the first piece was for you.

Today is your 20th birthday...We are so proud of the high principles you live by...You are a fine and honest young man with a future of lots of exciting adventures to experience.....

The day you were told you were a successful applicant for an apprenticeship with RailCorp as an Overhead Linesman Electrician; was another proud day for us....and you too....

Today I will cook your favourite foods for your evening meal....and on Saturday we will celebrate with your old work mates at Sam's Pizza....Your girlfriend is staying with us to help join in the celebration...and Poppy and Margaret will have time to get up here from Corowa too......

We all love you so much...you ARE a fine young man that any parent would be proud of.
Welcome to your twenties......with many more good years to come.


  1. I love the tribute to your sweet boy. Such a good mommy you are. Time flies by so fast...Melissa

  2. Oh boy...don't they scare us at times but we love them so much. Motherhood truly is a blessing.

    I loved your story telling and wonderful photos...this will always be here for your boys to re-read.

  3. Oh Nelly! That's the nicest thing I've read in a long time. I didn't want it to end. What lovely memories you have and a way with words. My son is only 4 nearly 5 and if he makes it to 20, I hope to be as proud as you. He's a terror! LOL Hope you have a great time this weekend with your son and what a credit to you and your husband for raising such a respectable young man.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post! Thanks!

  5. Happy birthday!
    wow what a journey you have had, I hope the rest of your life is alot less bumpy.
    huge hugs to both you and your brave mum!

  6. A lovely birthday/tribute post Nelly. Goodness you have had some hairy times. You had me on the edge of my seat.


  7. Happy Birthday D! What a lovely post Nellymary!

  8. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful tribute from a loving Mum. I have just found your blog so I have been busy reading reading reading. Love it!!

  9. Happy birthday to your son !! I hope you all have a fantastic day.

  10. Wow, what a survivor! He's (and you and your husband) been through alot. He must be able to tackle anything now! happy b'day ! love,andrea

  11. Happy Birthday to your son! A lovely post. My oldest turned 19 yesterday too.

  12. Happy 20th to D!

    (Lovely post, Mum!)

  13. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday comments. D read them all last night after work....and says a big family too...He is a very strong willed young man...There is lots I didn't mention...like when he was going through the WorKforce medical...lost hearing in one ear and was denied entry to the Forces..which he had been working towards since he was 12......That was a really tough time too....but it made US even more determined to find another career path.......sometimes we don't understand why things happen....but it all worked out in the end..........love ya D.

  14. That was the sweetest birthday tribute ever. What a Mom!! Oh, and what a Son too.

    brenda from arkansas

  15. Just saw a pic of Nanna Cady.
    I know her.I just have to remember where from.

  16. Nanna Cady lived in Lynne street, Oak Flats for many years. She was a very valued member of the Red Cross as well. Maybe she even sold you a ticket or two for the stall. She also went to church religiously every Sunday.

  17. You can also read about nanna Cady here. Just click on the link.
    Hope you come back at fill me in how you know Nanna Cady.


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