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I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New supplier for cream

I've just been reading Fiona's post about making home made butter...Fiona is another Illawarra blogger....with a fantastic blog called Inner Pickle ...after making butter, she also uses the buttermilk to make sour cream.

Seeing Fiona's two litres of cream on the bench...I wondered if I could source a large carton of cream....I want to make my own butter too, and I want to make my own sour cream.....I wonder how much butter milk I will end up.....I wonder how much butter I will get....I wonder after doing it all, if I will be making it on a regular basis? I wonder about lots of things when I get excited.....lol

I rang South Coast Dairy in Berry and asked if they supplied it..(Fiona mentioned on her blog that she made a special order through Green Box). Green Box is a not-for-profit co-operative that aims to provide local, sustainable, organic, and minimally packaged food at affordable prices. 

Back with the phone call............ the lovely gentleman I spoke to told me that he had a driver in my area tomorrow....and that he could give me a ring, and I could pick it up from the driver.....So as long as I have the correct change ($7.90) I will be waiting for a phone call from the driver...to tell me where to come pick up my lovely fresh cream.....
South Coast Dairy supplies a huge area with their milk....they have a link to see a list of Outlets who stock South Coast Dairy Milk......

You will have to come back and see what I do with it.

I have decided to put a button for South Coast Dairy on my blog....you can click on the button to take you to more details....I think it is important to be supporting our local businesses.

Have you ever made your own butter? How was it? Do you make it all the time?

Do you have a local dairy near you? Are you able to source your milk locally? Or maybe you have your own cows...?


  1. Hi Nelly,
    I will be waiting to see what you do with that lovely cream..

  2. Hi Nelly marry, I have made cream a few times in my life when I was a lot younger by accidently over beating the cream, just add a little salt and tates delicious. I haven't made it in years, I buy our butter ,I love the butter at Woolies, that is made in Tasmania, its delicious.The other day I saw at cost plus a large glass jar with a srew top and a butter churner attached with a handle to turn ,it looked gorgeous, I couldn't see the price. have fun, if you are going to use your hand beater ,that will give you a good upper & cadiovascular a good work out. I have an old hand beater that I use to make pavlova,last year for my birthday my friend Vicki gave me an electric hand beater. She ;laughed at me when she was here and we were making pavlova for new years eve. She calls me a hippy and thinks I'm behind the times. Any way its still in the box, haven't taken it out yet.
    makes me laugh.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  3. Hello :)
    I like Fionas blog too! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your cream and good on you for supporting local too!

  4. Thanks Donna
    Sherrie, I have accidentally made butter before too....ended up with sweet butter instead of whipped cream...I haven't tried the Tasmanian butter...only ever buying no-name butters in the past...I would love to have one of those butter churners, but I would probably only use it occasionally...there is no way I can do all I do with just elbow grease alone....sorry luv, but I will be using my whizzer....
    Tammy, thanks, it's a big step for me going local...as I usually only ever buy the cheapest, which is normally no-name...stretching our dollar as far as I can...but when you can go local for far better quality...then yes of course.

  5. We've made butter a few times. the kids made it as an experiment by shaking jars of cream, and I've made it in my mixer. It's delicious! Have fun :)

  6. Good luck with the butter!! Post photos! (Also: you're saving money buying the cream directly!) xx

  7. I used to make butter all the time when we had a house cow. I just used to tip all the cream in my food processor and turn it on and walk away. When you come bake you gave butter and butter milk as easy as that.

  8. Thanks ladies, I can't wait to give it all a try...I even booked a book from the library called The Home Creamery.....
    Fiona, I hope it's that easy as that........

    I'd love to have a pair of those butter pats, but I guess a wooden spoon will do.....for now...I still keep searching for a pair of butter pats in my price range.


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