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Friday, June 17, 2011

On my mind....my Mum's health

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I have many things on my mind today, including my mum's health, making a loaf of bread from my Kefir, the front veranda which I haven't been able to get to....and lots of other things.

Beginning with my Mum's health....she seems to be puffing and panting a lot when walking around...and she is also collecting fluid in her face while she sleeps....Yesterday her eye was almost closed due to a fluid build-up. In the last 12 months she has had her eyes checked and had a cataract removed....while under the eye specialist, Mum asked about how her eye swells overnight....upon examination, the eye specialist suggested it may be oedema (fluid build up with swelling)..and that she should get her heart checked out.

Due to a massive in-operable hernia (which looks like a big belly, which she has had as long as I can remember) she can only lay on one side while sleeping. I am taking mum back to the GP today to find out if she has fluid around her heart...having the GP push her x-ray results she had done yesterday morning.

On top of that my 77 year old Mum has a chest infection. 

taken 18 months ago

What's on your mind today?  


  1. Hi Narelle, I hope all goes well for Joyce today, please give her my best wishes.

    I use milk kefir in baking all the time with great results. The taste will be a little different but not bad. If you use it in muffins etc you can reduce the amount of baking powder a bit.

  2. I hope they find out whats going on with your mum and they are able to fix it easily. Im sure she would love some of your bread.
    angela from earthmama

  3. Oh I do hope the Dr's are able to find out whats causing your Mom the difficulties. I can tell you love her dearly.

  4. Sorry to hear your mum is having a tough time, hope she feels a lot better real soon. Mum's are very special people in their daughters lives, so it would be a worry for you nellymary.

    Take care,


  5. Hope your Mum has a reasonable diagnosis that's easily corrected. My Mum has age induced diabetes that she's taking medication for, as she's 78, and it can cause swelling at times but it is usually in the legs.

  6. Mums are very special people, and you are doing all you can by giving all the love and care you can. Sending special loving thoughts to you and your mum.

  7. Oh Nelly, you're Mum looks so nice. Hope they find out what's causing all the problems.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  8. Your mum looks a lovely lady. I do hope the doctors quickly find a reason for the facial bloating and that it's easily fixed.

  9. It's a worry when mothers aren't well isn't it. I hope the GP is able to either provide a diagnosis or get your Mum into a specialist. If your Mum has picked up that infection that's going around it won't help.

    I hope you all have a cosy restful weekend.

  10. PS I forgot to say in my comment that your Mum has a beautiful complexion!

  11. Wow - so your mum is 75 odd in that photo?!
    She could pass for 20 years younger!
    It's like I always say - round faces are the best - they poof out all the wrinkles.
    But you don't want it too round with fluid - that's no good.

  12. Thank-you so much for all the kind well wishes for Mum...it's been a busy day here, waiting in line at the doctor's and doing shopping....After eating dinner tonight, I can see a difference in mum's chest and couging etc....so the antibiotics must be kicking in...which is a relief for all of us...
    As for the swelling in the face...Doc has put her on an extra Fluid Tablet, but I'm not sure how long that will last, as her Kidney specialist took her off them a few years ago...So I guess we will be seeing a team of Doc's soon.....All this kicked me in the butt, and I have made an appointment to see my specialist for another injection in my hip....If I get worse, I wouldn't be able to care for her much.

    Anne: Thanks!, She does scrub up well, I think for a 75 year old..

    Special Occasions: She is wearing Nude by Nature mineral make-up which I put on her occasionally when she is going somewhere special.

    Shelagh: Thank-you so much...I really appreciate all these well wishes...I am going to print them off for her tomorrow to read herself....She will love it.

    Rose: The Doc said he wasn't too worried about her x-ray results...but has put her on a new Fluid tablet, to go with the one she already takes....If this doesn't help, we are to go back....

    Free falling: I didn't know that about round faces...

    Rose: I put our complexion down to not being in the sun...Mum has always covered up in the sun, no matter how hot it is....I'm not that disciplined though...lol

    Thanks again everyone for sending the well wishes...I will give them to her tomorrow.
    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

  13. I hope your Mum feels better soon my thoughts are with you I hate it when one of my parents are ill

  14. Wow! You certainly grow lots in your back yard! I thought I had a volunteer tomato plant, but I think it is a weed...lo. Hey, I have religiously watered that thing.

  15. Cathy: Thank-you for your thoughts.

    Practical Parsimony: I have a lot of smaller plants at the moment, waiting for most to get established, including my list which needs to be updated, thanks for reminding me...
    After all that watering, I would home it is a tomato plant.

  16. I know the worry of someone you love being ill so I hope your Mum's health issues can be resolved very soon (for her and you!)
    What a fascinating blog you have, I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and have a read :)

  17. Oh Narelle, I'm sorry, she's struggling. My Grams is not well either and it's been hard to see her go downhill. My heart goes out to you as I know first hand that being the support person/caregiver is very difficult (especially as you have your own health issues). Please look after yourself, as your own health is very important, too! Try to get some rest and let your duties slide a bit around the house - they will wait :)

  18. Kate King Thank-you! It is a worry, but she is feeling much better with the antibiotics kicking in.

    Little Home in the Country: Thanks Sherrie...sorry to hear about your Gram...I went through that with my Nan a few years back.....Nan ended up with Alzheimer’s which is very cruel to watch. Yes, I am looking after myself luv....thanks so much for caring...your a sweety.


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