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I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

2 Birthday Celebrations and a Family Business

Today is my husband's 41st birthday. He doesn't like to be fussed over, and we usually don't exchange gifts on 'our' birthdays, but this year I found something extra special that I know he will enjoy and admire....As I haven't given it to him yet....you will have to wait to see what it is.....

A while back....I had some help from the lovely Rose and Tony over at Greening of the Rose. They own a successful framing business called Beach Art...They also stock a huge range of Art Supplies and support local artists with a gallery above the shop......I was able to get hubby's gift well presented and preserved for years to come.....Thank-you Rose and Tony for taking on the extra work, I know how busy you are with such a fantastic business.....Sure; there are framing business's closer to me than this one, but I don't know those people, and I would much rather put my money into helping a business run by people I know....not to mention 100% Australian Owned........Speaking of 100% Australia Owned......I also encourage each and every reader to visit Rose at her blog...she is doing a remarkable job in researching our everyday foods in particular brands...often coming up against a brick wall of 'privacy'...........
We appreciate the hours Rose is spending researching the food brands in an Australian household...and especially how she is taking the time to share her "interesting to say the least" discoveries on her blog.

For hubby's birthday, we will eat well tonight...we have a tradition in our house...When it is your birthday, you get to decide what is on the menu for the evening meal.....Hubby put in a gentle request the other day, saying he hadn't had Golden Syrup Dumplings for a long time.....so guess what is on the menu for dessert? He never wants me to go to too much trouble....Pftttt....It's his birthday...I will go to as much 'trouble' as I want....lol.....Like I said, he doesn't like to be fussed over....and won't tell me what he would like as the evening meal....As it is Sunday, and I usually bake a roast...I will go for a baked dinner for his birthday, as I know he enjoys a good hearty meal....Pork or Corned Beef....the decision is yet to be made..........If I buy a leg of Pork, I will have to buy extra skin for crackling too....lol.

Extra crackling

Hubby's dinner plate
The pork is hidden under the big blob of gravy.

To tired to do Golden Syrup Dumplings....
but home cooked blackberries & ice-cream was very yummy

Hubby has always had hunting dogs in the past
We haven't been duck hunting for years.

Update: Hubby was very pleased with his framed gift....quite amazed at the work that had gone into it....and told me to thank Rose and Tony for such a professional job on the framing.

Thanks again to Rose and Tony....

Another Birthday Celebration....

Happy 80th Birthday Leo

Recently my family went to my 2nd cousin Leo's 80th birthday....Leo and I share the same interests of researching our family history....and he has two books published on orchids, so there is always something for us to talk about ......

He is doing rather well for his age, considering he has had many skin cancer operations on his face and arms....an occupational hazard of being a horticulturist.....

Leo is a lovely man, who had a really big day, celebrating his birthday, sharing company with more than 50 family and friends.

I'm not skimpy and always think heaps about the gift I give....I found a basket that would be large enough to hold his gift at the op-shop for $2.50....bought it home and gave it a good scrub, with my own soap.....

So I added to the basket.........I picked my first turnip, some carrots, added some bartered mandarins, some organic tomatoes from the markets that morning, (after taking DS19 to train station at 5.30am)....
also added a home-made knee rug, woollen scarf and soft cotton face-washer that mum made....and some jams, pickles and sauces out of my stockpile, which was all made by me.......and even a bottle of citrus cleaner and some home-made soaps....

I stressed to him that everything was organic, and or preservative free, with no chemicals....and I could tell that he appreciated that.

My wonderful hubby and my Uncle Don

Leo's grand-daughters did a wonderful job catering for the day.

My mum and my hubby


  1. Oh, how I'd love to receive a gift basket like that! That's just fantastic. Happy birthday to 'the other half'. Can't wait to hear about what you gave him.

    Anne xx

  2. what a lovely family celebration. Your basket of goodies looks amazing.
    Happy birthday to your hubby and I'm sure he will love his gift.

  3. Happy birthday to hubby!

    What a coincidence - it was my birthday on the 15th, and I asked Megan to cook roast pork (the last roast left from our pigs) and golden syrup dumplings! Tell him he has impeccable taste :-).

    It was really nice to meet up with you on the weekend. We'll have to catch up again soon.

  4. Anne: Thanks! I've added some photos, he also received a few vouchers for BCF...(Boating, Camping & Fishing shop.

    Sue: Thank-you Leo's birthday certainly was like a family reunion...and hubby was stoked with his gift.

    Darren: Thanks, I'll pass on the HB wishes...Roast Pork and Golden Syrup Dumplings....Yes...impeccable taste....I finally got to make his Golden Syrup Dumplings tonight...only 24 hours late....worth the wait though. It was lovely to finally meet you....Hope Mr Percival hasn't eaten ALL the Azola...lol....


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