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I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beef-Tongue (Experiment 1)

If you read my last post, you will know that we are planning to buy a whole beast which is locally grown, grass fed pure black Angus....It doesn't get much better than that...unless we were able to raise it ourselves.

I am conducting a few experiments....the first....Beef Tongue

"If you haven't tried it, how do you know you won't like it?".....that's what is ringing around here at the moment....The tongue I found at a butcher is corned, so that is an easy cook.....I'll just treat it like my Corned Silverside.

After slow cooking in the crock-pot for 2 1/2 hours, I left the tongue in the cooking liquor to cool overnight.
Then in the morning, I took it out, and peeled it, after the skin, there is another layer that is bit jelly like, so I scraped that away as well..it also removed the back taste-buds or whatever those bumps are on the back end of the tongue...lol ..It still looks like a tongue though.
If it looks like a tongue, it probably is a tongue, and I am having a hard time convincing DS19 to try it...But I have walked in his shoes...I remember my mum waiving tongue under my nose, begging me to try it......OMG, I've just done that same thing to him.....Oh well!
 I remember mum pressing tongues when I was a child...But I was never brave enough to try the meat....I think you have to be ready to try offal...and well....I think I am ready! I want to try that method so here is how I pressed the tongue.......
Pressing the tongue..
It's in there!, between the two plates.
After being in the fridge for just over 12 hours under the press, I have removed it for the almighty first tasting of our experiment.....
Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have so many people tasting it...as there is only half of it left.....This has to be one of the best meats I have ever cooked.....Hubby, myself, mum and DS16 are very impressed with this meat. It has the taste of Silverside, but a lovely smooth texture.....the grain of the meat is by far smoother and finer that that of a silverside.

Conclusion: I will be asking for the tongue to be corned when I make my order and cooking it the exact same way....I told hubby I would like to take a few slices back to the butcher to try, as I know he would be impressed with what I did with it....Hubby said not to let him know how good it was, as he will probably charge me double....It was only $3.
I plan to ask the butcher to keep them aside for me, as this is a real treat..

Would you eat the tongue? 


  1. I am extremely proud of you for your tasting it.
    As, for me. It looks absolutely disgusting and I will not be buying any tongue. I had a bad experience with cow tongue in fourth grade and I have never forgotten it. Yucky!
    I will be watching um, reading closely with all you are doing. Good luck,

  2. Oh yes, tongue is tres yummy! I peel it, chop the meat and put into a loaf tin before pressing, makes slices that fit sandwiches.

  3. We love tongue here. I cook it the same as corned beef but after peeling I curl it up and put it into a small bowl with a plate on top and some cans to weigh it down. It doesn't look like a tongue once it's pressed and so passes the kid test.

    cheers Kate

  4. I remember my Mum cooking tongue and liking it.
    I haven't tried it on my family, but I'm reading your series of posts on the 'full beast' with much interest!

  5. Kids and Canning Jars: I'm proud of me too...I think you need to be ready to try something like this...Ordering the beast has made me ready...I need to be prepared and educated.

    Susan: Excellent idea of chopping it into a loaf tin for sandwich sized slices..Thanks

    Simplelife: Hi Kate, that sounds good too...do you roll it really tight?

    alecat: I can definitely recommend the tongue to anyone who likes silverside...I'm getting more...Thanks for reading these posts with much interest...I'm finding it all very interesting too.

  6. Yes Nellymary, the tongue is rolled tight and packed into the bowl. I holds its shape and makes nice uniform slices. You could do the same in a loaf tin just make sure that it packs in tightly.

    cheers Kate

  7. My Dad and I used to get beef tongue when I was a kid, and we did it pretty much the same way. It tastes just like corned beef, but a bit better!

    We also regularly made crumbed lamb's brains, and lamb's fry and bacon.

    I'll never forget the time my Mum asked the butcher "do you have any brains?".

    He replied "if I did, love, I wouldn't be working here!"

    Hehe. His sense of humour was offal.


  8. Lol, I should have read this before I made the other comment as I've realised I'm preaching to the converted!


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