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I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

On my mind...Christmas Cake - Stage 2

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I've never made a Christmas cake..until now!
In the past......each time I have tried a fruit cake, I have found them to be dry, or very strongly flavoured....so I have never thought of making my own.  Over at the Down to Earth Forum, Rose got us thinking about Christmas and being prepared...by making our own Christmas Cake ahead of time....
So why not!.... I'm giving it a go!

On the side of caution, I decided to share the cake mix over two smaller tins...Had they been even smaller, they would have been thicker....but I kind of like the idea that they are thinner...I mean, at Christmas time who needs a big slice of cake anyway?...with all that extra food around...lol...

This way we get to have cake at another time....which is right down my alley.

I soaked my fruit way back over 5 weeks ago...and I have been stirring it every week, saying a quick hello.
I first wrote about soaking the fruit here... and you can also find the rest of the recipe there as well.

Today I need to feed the cakes again with Brandy...I'm not sure I want to do too many feeds though.....

Have you thought about making your own Christmas Cake....This is my first time...Will it be your first time too? Or have you been making them for years? Is it a tradition in your house?


  1. These look great.. I wouldn't worry about the feeding Narelle, I think a lot of the alcohol would evaporate. Maybe you could go one boozey cake and one not so boozey cake... give the alcohol drenched one to the noisy, annoying rello's that way they pass out and no worries


  2. I think that they are beautiful! I have never made this but it looks so easy with your sharing.

    I truly think we should be prepared and look ahead even in the simplicity of homemaking.


  3. Hi, Christmas Cake for me was soaking the dried fruit in rum and orange juice for about 3 months. Then making about a fortnight before Christmas day, and adding extra rum when out of the oven. Delicious. I have not made one in our new home the oven is useless for slow baking. All the best, jumped over from D2E.

  4. Hiya, just popped over from D2E, what yummy looking cakes! What a treat it'll be at christmas time for you. Will you ice them at all? I haven't made one of these traditional christmas cakes before but I have a yummy recipe from my mother in law which involves a slightly less technical cake which you can make only days before you want to eat it and its full of yummy fruit and lots of nuts. Nothing quite like a yummy christmas cake that is also a labour of love :) Thanks for your post, Regards Ruth @ http://comesmelltheroses.blogspot.com/

  5. Wendy: Thanks, that's a great idea of feeding one more than the other...I just might use that idea...Brilliant thinking luvvy...I had to laugh at the thought of giving the 'drenched' one to the neighbour to keep them quiet...your a funny gal. That baby elephant you are patting at your blog...he is sooo cute.

    Humble Wife: Hi Jennifer thanks for popping in and leaving a comment on my blog..I also think it is important to be always planning ahead..it makes things so much easier, and definitely cheaper. I hope the bobcat stays away from your farm.

    Deb: Rum and Orange Juice..yummmm...I hope you get to make another Christmas cake soon....traditions need to be kept. Thanks for popping by....The new tote on your blog...with the rooster....is gorgeous!

    Mrs W: Thanks for popping over...I think the cakes will be yummy....I may be starting a new Christmas tradition, especially if they taste as good as they smell....off to check out your blog.

  6. Ohhh ... your Christmas cake looks delicious and I bet the aroma was heavenly too. I'm wondering how I could adapt my everyday fruit cake recepie into a Christmas cake. I put stewed apple in it for moistness. I'm not sure the kids would eat it if it had alcohol in it though!

  7. Hi Lucibelle, I love that your having a look around my blog...The cakes did smell heavenly, thanks. You don't need to add alcohol, you could soak your fruit in orange or apple juice I think, but I think you would only soak overnight. Not sure, but I have heard of others using juice instead of alcohol.

  8. Bruce, you are most welcome...I hope you make the cake.


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