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Friday, April 22, 2011

Anzac Day - 25 April

I love seeing the younger ones today following old traditions and participating in the parades on behalf of soldiers passed away. It was only a few years ago that the last WWI veteran to be alive; Harry Patch died....at the age of 111. You can read more about Harry here.

Like WWI veterans, there will one day be no veterans from WWII marching; so the younger generations need to step up and keep the Anzac traditions alive by representing those who have fallen in both war and peace. I think it is important to remember the sacrifices that these young men endured so that we can live as free as we do.

For Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day is approaching, and if my father was alive today, he would have started polishing his shoes about 4 weeks ago...and also his medals, his belt, and anything else that needed polishing...It is an endless task to polish a veterans shoes for an Anzac Day March.....No chemicals are used, no cleaners, no buffers....just spit from your mouth, a nice soft cloth and lots of time, patience and the love of why you are doing it.....

For the past 7 years I have enjoyed the pride that goes along with seeing my own children participate in Anzac Day Parades....My boys have been members of the Australian AirForce Cadets.....This year they will not be marching in the parades with the other members of AAFC as my DS19 has had to step down due to new work commitments....and my DS16 finds it awfully demanding with the exams that they have; so he has also stepped down from AAFC. I am very proud of the achievements of both my boys being involved with Cadets. In 2010  DS19 was promoted to a Corporal and would have completed his Sergeants Course this year had he not found full time employment; and DS16 was promoted to a Leading Cadet.  

Normally Anzac Day for us begins with a parade followed by Dawn Service at Port Kembla at 6am....then on to Shellharbour for a parade and service at 7.30am.....and finishing the morning at Wollongong; attending the largest parade in the area at 9.30am..

In the past, DS19 has worn medals (copies) and marched on behalf of my father and grandfather and DS16 has worn medals (copies) on behalf of both my father and my husbands grandfather.

My boys have gone away to Victoria for the Easter Holidays with Mum....They left for a 600km drive this morning. Their medals are packed, as they will still be away from home on Anzac Day. My niece also has her boys wear a miniature copy of my fathers medals....and they joined in the parade celebrations in their home town last year for the first time...I hope that my boys will be able to join my nieces young boys..and walk beside them as they march with their schoolmates. I'm sure I will hear all about it when they get home....

Here are some photos of my two boys from the Anzac Celebrations of 2010. It was hard to narrow it down, I could have added many more photos, but here is a small selection.

DS16 , Hubby, DS19

Dawn Service 2010...about 6am

DS19 leading the parade as a flag bearer.

I'm so proud of my boys.

I'm so proud of my boys

Me between my two boys.
I'm in my wheelchair after breaking my ankle in 2 places,
tearing the ligament from the bone, dislocating the ankle and breaking my leg,
and four operations later, I still attended the Anzac Parades.

Another closeup of DS19 being a flag bearer.

Arriving home after all three Anzac Parades.
All very tired.

The bottom medal set is a copy of my husbands grandfathers'...
The set above them is my fathers medals, (a set of 10 medals).
Dad served in both  British and Australian forces in War & Peace.
Serving in the British Royal Navy for the duration of WWII, then moving to Australia in 1946
he joined the Royal Australian Armed Ordinance Corps (RAAOC) for the duration of the Korean War.
On return from Korea, dad was a member of the Australian Army for another 30+ years ending his military career as a
Warrant Office Class 2.

Rest in Peace. 1927 - 1987.



  1. Love to hear good thing's about this generation gives us hope for the future on Good Friday

  2. You must be so proud of your boys. Lovely to see them carrying on with tradition and honouring those who have fallen. Love the close up shot of the medals.

  3. Beautiful post. I am sure your Dad would be immensely proud of your sons. As the wife of a serving Defense Force member it fills me with a sense of pride seeing this countries young ones march - carrying on a tradition that has shaped our history.

  4. Thanks ladies, We are all very proud of them both...There is always hope for this generation.....Wendy, DS19 was in the process of enlisting in the RAAF and lost hearing in one ear (no medical reason) before going for his medical, which he was then denied enlistment...working towards the Defence Forces since he was 12, he was most disappointed at the time....but he has moved on now.


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