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I’m slowly working towards some simplicity within the home, but hey! It’s a lot of hard work!

I love having a go at growing my own veges and always use herbs fresh from my garden. I try to plant from seed whenever I can and have learnt to save and share my own seed for the following year. I make Award Winning preserves and pickles; and my husband brews Award Winning boutique beers as well. I love to stockpile and try to limit quick trips to the shops. I dabble in bread making and enjoy making my own stocks too.

I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New garden bed for Berries - Part 1

Yep your following....are you keeping up with all that I did today...it was hard work, and I had many breaks....otherwise there is no way I could complete all this work..but you see, I need the trailer empty because I have to go pick up a load of pavers to finish off mum's gardening area.....and before I do that, I wanted to get some mushroom compost....Sorry I am getting off track...so much has been done today.....When I finish this post, I'm off to bed.

Now, back to the new garden bed for the berries...........

continued on from the last post.........(I have a thornless blackberry which is very sad...I have had it for I think two seasons now, and it isn't growing very well....I think maybe, just maybe it doesn't like being WHIPPER SNIPPED...yep...you heard me....DS16 is a bit slap happy with the Whipper Snipper around the poor blackberry vine.....)

It's been calling out to me to help it...this Thorn-less Blackberry Vine....so today was the first day of the rest of it's life...lol........
After digging it up, no wonder it wasn't growing...it's totally water logged....We have a horrible clay based lawn in the front yard. So I shook most of the clump of clay off the roots of the vine..and placed it in a pot to recover...there it will stay for a few weeks to rest. I also re-potted into a larger pot, two Raspberry Vines I got marked down at Bunnings...they were $6 each....Bargain I reckon....So a new garden bed for the berries is called for......

First I mapped out the area I wanted on the fence line...Hah!, not really, I just started digging at the hole I had made from uprooting the Thorn-less Blackberry. To make a no-dig garden, it is an excellent start to chip away the topsoil and any grass and roots in the area. I didn't do this with the big garden bed, but I thought seeing they needed good drainage, I would go the whole hog...and do it properly....
Yep weed matting and all....(I have no cardboard left after making the big garden bed.)

I have had plenty of practice chipping grass and topsoil, as I paved our back yard...There is 12 tonne of road-base under our paver's in the back yard..Phew!! that was a huge job...it took me the whole summer....many summers ago (6 I think).   

So here is the sorry sad Thorn-less Blackberry vine after being re-potted.

and also the two Raspberry Vines...

Baby steps at this stage....
Hubby had just got home from work
so I knew it was time to go inside....
He looked as burnt out as I felt.

Day 1 comes to an end.

I have a busy day tomorrow out of the house, I'm off to the library hunting convicts...Yep Convicts...not sure I will find any, but I am enrolled in a free course at the library to learn all about researching them....So far Saturday is free, besides the usual Saturday list....and Sunday I am enrolled in a free Compost Course run by the council...at the end you get a voucher to take to the nursery to pick up a free Compost Bin....Well; I can't pass up that opportunity....and I really need to learn more about composting. I only use the Bokashi bucket that I made, but it's doing well...

A light spray of water on the Mushroom bags tomorrow
morning and I'm off hunting convicts.....

What are you up-to on Friday? 
It's Rhonda's birthday on Friday,
so pop over to Down to Earth 
and wish her a happy birthday.....

If I don't see everyone before Monday, its because I am too busy, 
but I'm sure we will all catch up....
Have a good weekend and hope to hear from you all soon.

Just luvin' this bloggin' and all its peeps.


  1. Hi nellymary, happy convict hunting!
    When I went looking I eventually found two. Very thrilling!

  2. Ohhh....I spent the night taking mum to hospital for vomitting bug....got home at 4am...and woke at 6 to find I have a heavy chest....and a big old head cold....so I cancelled the convict hunting course.....oh well....there will be other chances.

  3. Nellymary - you exhaust me just reading your blog, lol! Slow down and relax a little! Hope your Mum is ok :(


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