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I’m slowly working towards some simplicity within the home, but hey! It’s a lot of hard work!

I love having a go at growing my own veges and always use herbs fresh from my garden. I try to plant from seed whenever I can and have learnt to save and share my own seed for the following year. I make Award Winning preserves and pickles; and my husband brews Award Winning boutique beers as well. I love to stockpile and try to limit quick trips to the shops. I dabble in bread making and enjoy making my own stocks too.

I enjoy feeding my family good hearty meals, nothing like those tiny restaurant stacks you have to look for on the plate. My husband maintains our vehicles and machinery and we both enjoy fabricating on a small scale mostly relying on metal & timber recyclers for any materials needed.

While I don’t always have time to reply to comments, I love reading them. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you learn something new because I love sharing what I learn, and I'm always looking for another new skill myself.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Tomorrow, I will have been married for 12 years. We've had ups and we've had downs...but for the most of it, it has been ups,..... I can get through anything, as long as we are together. I can't imagine being with anyone else the way I am with him. He is my life, he is my love, when we are together we are like one.   

For the past few years we have gone out to a fancy seafood restaurant. I nearly cancelled last year, being so depressed with myself, but not wanting to dissapoint my husband I was able to make a last minute reservation. The evening was magical. I hadn't been out of the house since I came out of the hospital with my broken ankle/leg. I made sure they knew I would be arriving in a wheelchair and I am glad I did. They had a full house,  but I was able to get my chair right up to my table. The restaurant was lovely, the atmosphere was lovely and we decided to do it every year ordering the same thing.

Being in the company of my husband fixes anything. I love being home when he gets home from work, I feel it's the done thing to do. We're a team him and me. I told him once not that long ago, that I still get a flutter when his hand brushes mine. It still happens. When he leaves for work each morning, we have our own intimate ritual which I cherish, and I never let him leave the house without telling him I love him; he tells me that he loves me too. 

We're probably not going to that restaurant tomorrow night because he has work the next morning and that's ok.  We are planning on going fishing though, and we both love fishing. We have chosen a spot we know well. When I was finally well enough to get out of the house last year, we'd pack up the fishing gear on the weekend and go to a  particular jetty. A good feed of flathead can be caught from that jetty, I've pulled in a good 35 cm bream. I needed help pulling in that bream too, because I had the wheels locked on on my wheelchair, well the bream decided it was going to run, sideways.....I had to give him my rod so he could follow it. We were only using light gear as we always do in the lake, being the team I know we are, that bream tasted pretty good that night. Hubby had handed my rod back to me, so I could get it up out of the water.

This year I don't mind what we do on our anniversary, it's not the amount of money we can spend on each other, or where we go, it's the time we spend together that's important. There will be many more anniversaries to come and I know that my husband will be by my side for many more sunrises.
We are one when we are together.
To my best friend, my husband, Happy Anniversary!!

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